This medium is continuing to sit with dedication towards further development, with each séance holding the focus and supporting interest of witnessing sitters.

Most seances held begin with the medium seated in the closed cabinet in blackout conditions for an extended period, with the development of the voice being demonstrated.  The medium has some conscious awareness of the experience, whilst feeling herself to have no control of either the process, or of her physical form.  She describes her experience as being dreamlike, and with any discomfort being minimal.  She also describes feeling that her mouth is covered, whilst at the same time the area feels 'puffy' and balloon-like.  She also describes experiencing various affects upon her throat and upon her breathing.

In this instance I spoke humorously with the spirit team about the progress that is being made:
The development of the voice
An example of the unusually extended voice duration:
Spiritually extended voice duration

In many of the seances, when red lighting conditions are effected (usually after the initial period of blackout) different faces can seen to build gradually as an energetic mask which obscures the view of the medium's own.  Often the final stability of the presentation appears to have some substance of form.  Evidentially, one of the faces has been recognised by myself personally, with accompanying spoken words having recognised familiar accent tones typical of this person when within life.

During one recent séance a question was asked by one of the sitters and a response received:

Note: Development is on-going and a sitter waiting list is now in place.  Please contact Chris is you feel genuine interest.